Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to Use Your WITS

Using our WITS is important to stay out of trouble when we play like others.  

W- Means walk away from fights and trouble. So you can calm  down if there's any problems.

I-Means don’t ignore others when they need your help. So they will be happy and safe. So they will be happy and safe from kids thats older than them.

T - Means talk about it. When someone is lonely go and talk with them and they won’t be lonely and sad. Because when there sad that means there's no one to talk with so you talk about things you know.

last but not least letter S stands for seek help that people will know that they need you. Keep them safe from harm and danger so they can’t get hurt.

So when someone trips over you pick him up so you can feel happy too. If you know how to use your WITS teach others too so they can know about it.

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