Thursday, 6 November 2014

Eureka Stockade

During today at my class me and my classmates went next door to 5C my class was 5D, we were all doing history about the Eureka Stockade or the Eureka Rebellion.

It was located at eureka stockade in the town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. This is the story of what led to the eureka rebellion. In 1851 they start off digging for gold. The miners tax was introduced just after the start of the gold rush. It started at 36 shillings a month and it discouraged the poor miners. Soon after that it went to 1 pounds a month or 8 pounds a year just for a 3.6 m piece of land. This led to a rebel against the police of Victoria.

In June 1854 sir Charles Hotham  appointed as lieutenant or as a Governor,  checking miners permits every twice a week. October the 6 James Scobie, a miner was killed to death in the eureka hotel. 4 people were responsible, including James Bentley the owner of the hotel. James Bentley was not imprisoned because the police, owned him money so on the 17th of October the angry miners burnt down the eureka hotel. On the 1st of December 1854, an oath of allegiance was sworn at bakery hill by 120 miners including the leader, Peter Lalor and there licences were burnt in front of the Southern Cross.

All of the miners said we swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight for our rights and liberties. On 3rd of December 1854, 120 rebels fought against 276 police troopers. This was known as the eureka rebellion. This was a defining moment because this was the first recorded of democracy and the fight for rights. This is the famous stockade ever. On December 6-9, the martial law imposed. In February 1855, trails of 18 miners all expect one acquitted. Henry Seekamp, the editor of Ballarat times. Gold fields' commission recommends the abolition of the abolition of licences, establishment of an export duty of gold. The miners to a title deed to his claim, and the opening of crown land to small land holders.

I hope you enjoy reading my story of the Eureka Rebellion have a wonderful day and please leave a comment because it does help me a lot thank you for reading.

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