Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mulga Bill Bicycle

Mulga Bill Bicycle
It was Mulga Bill from EagleHawk, he was riding his new shiney bicycle towards his abode proudly. As he arrived back home safely he had in mind that he want to go for another ride, from the top of the steepest hill above dead man’s creek. Mulga wanted the whole town of EagleHawk to see that he is the best there is then any human being on earth.

Mulga Bill was gently riding down the steep hill, but then suddenly something strange happened. Mulga Bill didn’t notice that he was going the wrong way, he took the left path where it leads him to dead man’s creek. Then when he was riding Mulga Bill heard someone saying your going the wrong way!!!, as he turned around he saw that it was the shop assistant where he brought his bicycle from. But Mulga Bill was too stubborn listening to the shopkeeper. He wanted to prove everybody that he has the most likely man who can ride a bicycle with, 1 gigantic wheel in front and 1 small wheel at the back of it.

But he had a terrible feeling about what the shopkeeper, said maybe he is trying to warn me but that won’t happen thinking horrible in his mind. Once Mulga Bill looked forward he went straight down the hill as fast as a plane full speed. As he was riding the colour of his face was changed, it was extremely white whiter than a ghost, and he  almost got wrapped together with the tree. Mulga bill act fast he jumped towards the tree holding on desperately, will this ever end he said, and from there the brunch of the tree snapped and he fell into dead man’s creek.

Mulga bill was flying so high and fell into the creek head first, he was fast to say I think I am still alive. He got himself out of the creek and saw that his bicycle was totally wrecked so he decided to leave it in the creek ruin. Mulga Bill walking back home and thought, about what will people say to him in the town of EagleHawk. When he arrived back to his abode  the good old horse was full of joy and happiness, and from now on Mulga Bill said I will never ever ride bicycles again.

I hope you enjoy reading my story of Mulga Bill Bicycle and please leave a comment on my blog because it does really help me a lot, thank you for reading.

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