Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Ghost Stories Part 1-2

My Ghost Dogs Part 1
There are some thing that happens every night while we are at sleep tuck tuck tight, my lovely world is overrun by ghost, of thee animals I love the most, out of their graves my dead dogs float, boasting a new transparent coat.

The dogs that I tried the best to raise, but died in a variety of ways, Porky didn't keep to the right, and Guilty Bark wouldn't sleep at night, Chloe went in ironic way, and chicken only lived for a day.

Stumpy-Good-Nose had a silly name, and spring would had tried to be tame, Arrow had a nasty fall, and Oreo ignored my call, Tamika went in unexpected fire, and Said-Rick could have never gone higher, Lucky was chasing a villain on a run, and Aqua just wanted to join in the fun.

Thee Avatar and Sparkie they died together, and Greenery who I will love forever, being ghost they could break all of the rules, like magic they can walk threw my walls, but don’t panic remain calm, my ghost dogs don’t mean no harm.

Keep sleeping stay bedded, my clubhouse is where they're headed, they walk there in a trance, and there only purpose is to dance, don’t feel sad for my dogs that had past on, for now they live in a eternal song, they walked into the light, and now they disco every night.

Evil Mr. Pork Chop Part 2
In a haunted house that is forgotten by time, live the most evil type of swine, even by using the strongest block, you can’t contained Mr. Evil Pork-chop, he had a secret that you should know, when the moon rises he begins to grow, at night he has a transformation, into a headiest creation.

Pig-men by night and pig-men by day, but it wasn't always this way, his true story has never been told, but evil Mr. Pork-chop is very old, he use to be a human in the past, unaware his form wouldn't blast, he worked as a shepherd every single day, and loves his job despite the low pay.

He enjoy looking after every single pig, and tried to make them very big, you see he was working toward, winning the prize Porker Award, the annual award is for the biggest pig in the land, but he was always second something he couldn't stand.

This year he wanted to win more than ever, and will tin to his pigs any type of weather, one day he was approach by an old woman in her cloth, she walked close to the shepherd then she spoke, I know what you desire, I see in your heart there’s fire.

There is nothing that I do not know, including how to make pigs grow, if you will accept my deal, your wish will become real, you will be second no more, with a pig bigger than any before, in return all I want is the rest of your swine, you keep the biggest pig, and the rest are mine.

Your dream could come true today, so young man what do you say, giving away all of his pigs would be a sin, but that was his only chance to win, what’s the point keeping the rest, when you will own the very best, he quickly decided to accept, a decision he will soon regret.

Moments after nodding his head, he was filled with awful of dread, the witch screech with evil cantation, this started the transformation, evil Mr. Pork-Chop misunderstood the deal, but it was too late now as he started to swirl, he was turned into a monster half pig and half man, the witch cried out to him as she ran.

Your obsession with willing corrupted your mind, you mistreated your pigs, now you're there kind, rather than fulfilling your greed, help others that are in need, you abandoned your pigs just because they look frill, now live the rest of you life with your curly tail, don’t try to complain don’t try to shout, no one will understand you, now you have a snat, this was the last of the witch he ever heard, and in his head he replayed every word, this all happen long ago in the past, but as the witch claimed the spell did last, the snout and curly tail is there to stay, evil Mr. PorkChop is still evil to this very day.

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