Monday, 16 December 2013

Jesus Is Born

Tiny Bible Treasures: Jesus Is Born from My Wonder Studio on Vimeo.

Two thousands years ago, in a town of Nazareth, there lived a young woman named Mary. She was engaged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter. One day an angel appeared before her and told her she, had been chosen to have a special baby.

The baby would be God’s son and she must call him baby Jesus. Soon after the angel’s visit, Mary and Joseph were married. Mary was due to have a baby when they were told they had to go a long long journey to Bethlehem, which was were Joseph came from. This was because they had to pay a special tax.

Mary had to ride on a donkey for a few days over the hills of Galilee. At last Mary and Joseph arrived at Bethlehem. It was crowded with other people who needed to pay their taxes. Mary was tried and needed a place to stay. At each inn, the story was still the same. There was no room for them. But there was one more inn but no room.

The innkeeper said sorry theres no room he said. But Joseph said “My wife is having a baby.” So the innkeeper led them to a stable where animals were. They were happy when they found a home.

In the middle of the night God’s son was born. There were some shepherds looking after the sheep. And suddenly an angel appeared from the sky, he told them to go and see God’s son. Three wise men traveled to the west and bought gold,frankenstein, and myrrh. And lived happily ever after.

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