Tuesday, 10 December 2013

2013 Netbook Reflection

The biggest change this year was swapping papers and pencils to a fascinating machine. I have discovered a new product that helps me and learn a lot of  interesting facts.

You can learn a lot of shortcuts and all kinds of stuff. At the start of term one we were learning to touch type and learn how to use Google,gmail, and Google drive. We use our Netbooks for creating new learning.

When we do mistakes is not a problem. Netbooks to me are a learning tool and are not for games. We used our Netbook to research things that we want to know about in OUR learning.  

What I like about using Netbooks instead of books is because you won’t get a painful hand. My buddy's helps me when I am stuck. The best thing learning on my own is I won’t get distracted by anyone.

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