Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kelly Tarlton's

Today we all went to Kelly Tarltons. It looked really small but when we got in said we all went underground.  We saw a lot of animal’s and they were penguin’s, jellyfish, shark, and also stingrays.

When we arrived we were amazed and it was cool. My friend and I researched Stingray’s. Stingray’s are mostly found in the north Island. They are about 1 meter long longer than man And bigger than man.
When we all went in the classroom there was a lady called Janice. She told us about Scott base, Murdoch station,and old Antarctica clothing,and new Antarctica clothing. 

In the old days they use to were the old clothing. They were cold so they went to hunt some dear. They use the dear’s fear to keep them warm and to stay alive.

But now they use the new Antarctica clothing. In Robert falcon Scott hut there's was lot and lot of food. And they are over 100 years old. Because it stayed in there for about 1925 years.

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