Friday, 11 April 2014


When we got changed we had to rinse off whatever was on us. Then we walked to the chairs, but when we were walking we were shivering and shaking like a frozen person. Have you ever felt like an ice block?. When we use the flutter boards we all have to focus and listen to the instructors. When we start swimming my group and I do breathing rotation with our boards.

When we do breathing rotation you have to kick, your legs 6 times and then roll your head up to breath and do the same thing before you roll your head back down in the water. When we hopped in the pool, we all had to go in our groups for the relay race. After we got into our groups,my team and I had to do relay races to the end so the instructors can see how far we can go.Once I got to the end I was feeling tired and exhausting.

We are lucky to have professional coaches teaching us in our swimming lessons,so I made the most of it and worked really hard to improve my technique. My swimming improved a lot over the weeks we had lessons.

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