Wednesday, 25 September 2013

This is Villon side

One day there was a captain and a man called James. Captain hook and I  were evil villains. We want to take over neverland, but we can’t because of Peter Pan and his pirate crew. So we snuck in to dig for some treasure and we got caught.

Captain hook and  I were sad and poor. Fifteen years later we had no money to buy anything. So we begged for some money but no one cared about us. Peter pan and his crew were celebrating because they were rich and powerful.

One day Peter Pan was thinking about us and felt disappointed. So we came back to Neverland with nothing to eat and no money to afford anything. When peter pan saw us he gave us some food to eat and some money to buy stuff for me and Captain Hook.  We all became friends and lived happily ever after.

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